mercredi 14 septembre 2011

International Communist Review

icr2-journal.jpgLe second numéro d'International Communist Review (revue anglophone) est publié dans une période particulièrement cruciale de la crise économique capitaliste. Elle est publié durant une période où les attaques bourgeoises contre les droits des peuples, la compétition entre les monopoles et les contradictions entre impérialistes s'intensifient. Sous ces conditions, les débats sur le socialisme abordé dans ce numéro deviennent très importants.

Voici un extrait de la revue :

«The historical era of transition from capitalism to socialism which was signaled by the great October Revolution in 1917 has not come to an end with the temporary defeat in the USSR and the other former socialist states in Europe. The October Socialist Revolution realised by the working class of Russia, under the guidance of the Bolshevik party, which was headed by Lenin, has been the greatest event in the 20th century and marked its beginning.

Capitalism in its imperialist stage, despite the immense wealth it accumulates in the hands of a small minority, cannot solve even a single problem of humanity. The necessity of socialism emerges from the very irreconcilable contradictions of the capitalist system, as a product of social development.

This revolutionary transition, which is necessary for the abolition of capitalist exploitation, cannot be accomplished through a series of reforms but though the revolutionary overthrow of capital’s power and the conquest of power by the working class in alliance with other popular strata; through the socialization of the concentrated means of production which are in the hands of monopolies. That is to say with the abolition of the private ownership of the concentrated means of production, the extension of socialist relations of production and of central planning in all the sectors of the economy begins, in this way the boundaries which capitalism imposed on the forces of production are successfully overcome.

Thus, the ground is prepared for a social development which meets the interests of the workers, who are the majority in society and for the scientific-technical achievements to serve the majority of the people. The construction of the new society will be based on the mobilization of the masses through the organs of the people’s state power and their various organizations. The vanguard action of the Communist Party will contribute to this direction. This historical process will pave the way for the full abolition of classes through the final elimination of the exploitation of man by man, the elimination of every form of social inequality and contradiction in the advanced communist society.»

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